Design Thinking

The real importance of design for customers or employees; It comes from bringing a holistic approach to decision making, problem solving and value creation activities. From this point of view, establishing empathy with the target audience, making observations and finding a creative solution as a result form the basis of this approach. In the process that starts with understanding the target audience, it proceeds with a cyclic iterative iterative process that extends to the definition of the solution. Our design thinking approach consists of 5 steps;

  • Empathize - Understanding the target audience, doing research on the audience
  • Analyze - Extract meaning/insight from research results
  • Generate Ideas - Generating design ideas from insights
  • Design - Prototyping from generated ideas
  • Test - Testing built prototypes

At every step, there are suitable solutions with optimum tools, and processes and systems are redesigned to eliminate the pain points of the target audience.